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*All the prices include cost per one person and do not include entries nor a tip for the chauffers.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Nowa Huta Communism Tour


Nowa Huta Communism Tour


Trip details:

Trip time : 3 h

Type: Private transport

Tour description:

Nowa Huta – Located in the eastern part of Krakow. As a central planned city, it shows the socialist realism and postmodern ideas of communist architecture. Tadeusz Ptaszycki as a head designer was inspired by ideal, utopian cities. This district is characterized by wide streets, symmetrical buildings and a large amount of greenery. The Nowa Huta Tour is a great back-in-time adventure, where you can feel the soul of communist lifestyle in Poland. To make it an unforgettable experience, we have prepared a special ‘all inclusive’ plan for this trip. You can find it below, or if you have some special requests please contact us directly.

Offer services:

English speaking driver

Professional, English speaking driver

Door to Door service

Door to Door service

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Full Insurance

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Modern Vehicles with air condition


Auschwitz Birkenau Photo
Auschwitz Birkenau Photo

Transfer details:

The Nowa Huta Communism Tour will start at your hotel/apartment or any other place in Krakow. Our driver will pick you up in a comfortable vehicle with air conditioning. As always, in the car you can find some water and snacks, but during this tour, a shot of Polish Vodka and koreczki* are also included. Then, you will visit places like Plac Centralny, Arka Pana church, Dzieje Nowej Huty Museum, and many more. Also you may have an opportunity to eat dinner at Stylowa restaurant – a place taken straight from PRL. All the time, your chauffeur will take care of you, and when you finish sightseeing, he take you back to the hotel, or you can finish the tour in any other place. We highly recommend this tour. Specially our koreczki


  • People Total
  • 1-2 149 PLN / 37 EUR
  • 3-4 109 PLN / 27 EUR
  • 5-6 89 PLN / 22 EUR
  • 7-8 69 PLN / 17 EUR
  • 9+ Contact us
  • *All the prices include cost per one person and do not include entries nor a tip for the chauffers.

Nowa Huta Tour

Nowa Huta Tour

Prices from: 69 PLN / 17 EUR


17 EUR

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